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Welcome everybody. This is home of Rich's Lunar Page. This page was started in March of 1999. It was started to be a shrine to Lunar, but never got to far off the ground. The page has attracted around 500 visitors and somehow, people continue to show up, so I may update it some more, however that is unlikely. Right now, I am in a team of java developers and we are making a free RPG. Anyone in the world can contribute their ideas to it, so check out the site:  RPG. The RPG and all other projects on our site are constant works in progress and are always being updated, so check back often. If java isn't your thing, then you may now continue into Rich's Lunar Page...

    Yes!  A Lunar page!! We are not defeated!!!  You have found it, Rich's Lunar page, and this one is here to stay.  Many thanks to Rune, his webpage, and many others for inspiring me to create mine. My new page will be dedicated to all the old Lunar pages and to the newer pages yet to come.

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    The new page was officially posted on March 3rd, 1999, at midnight.  Come back often for updates! Click on the picture below to see the page!

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